The Tail of 3K Pets

3K Pets began its adventure in 2016 with the idea to bring a community of pet lovers together through informative, meaningful, and inspirational blogging from recognition of local shelters to helpful tips to innovative and exciting new products. Here, at 3K Pets, we firmly believe that pets are not just pets. They are an extension to our pack and deserve the very best for their everlasting love and devotion. That’s why we are committed to providing the highest quality in our products that utilizes both safety and functionality when it comes to any adventure.


Faye & Kevin Wang - Owners of 3K Pets

Faye, a 5 year old Golden Retriever, has the energy of a pup and the sweetest golden you will meet.  From dog beach trips to adventures at the park, she loves being outdoors where she can cause trouble.  An expert digger and Olympic open water swimmer, she excels when there is fun involved.

Kevin Wang, owner of 3K Pets and dog lover with a degree in Finance, has an extensive background in banking and finance.  He has worked with many different breeds and personalities through dog-sitting, dog training, and owning multiple pooches. Fun fact: He cannot resist asking "Can I pet your dog?" while walking down the street; That's because for Kevin, being a dog lover is definitely an understatement.  


 Chanel & Amy Luc - Director of Marketing & Social Media

Chanel is a 4 year old Pomeranian and the runt of her litter.  She was on her way to the pound when her human, Amy, rescued her before she made it there.  Now they are inseparable and do everything together.  Don't let her little size fool you.  She loves going on long hikes and runs around the park. 

Amy Luc spearheads our social media campaigns and works closely with some of the local shelters in the area to help pets find a loving forever home and/or foster home. Like Kevin, she has experience with various dog breeds through dog-sitting and training. With a degree in Marketing, she has been able to help grow our social media platforms ever since she joined our pack.