Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Where are you guys located and ship from?
We are located in Southern California in the Greater Los Angeles area.  As a local, small business, we will never ship from another country.
We see that you have a lifetime warranty.  Anything I should be aware of?
Yes!  We stand behind our product and am confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty.  We ask that you use the product for its intended purpose.  Unfortunately, if you give your dog the collar/leash for a chew toy, it we would not honor the warranty.
Send us an email (kevin@3kpets.com) and include the following:
  1. Image of the product illustrating the damage
  2. Include your Name and Order Number

Given that the product is used for its intended purpose and its evident through the photo, we will send you the same product, brand new without charge.  No shipping charge either.  

I use my leash everyday and it is getting really dirty.  Can I wash it?

Of course!  We recommend that you remove the carabiner prior to washing, as it will damage your washing machine. Wash with cold water, low tumble/gentle.  Please do not dry the leash and only hang dry. 

What does 3K in 3K Pets stand for?

We are a family owned business and the three family members' first name start with K.